Kingdom of Thailand

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Kingdom of Thailand

Thailand is a state located on the pen. Indo-China. This country is washed by two seas: The South-China Sea and the Andaman Sea, as well as by The Gulf of Thailand. The word “Thailand” entered into use in 1930s, it means “country where Thais live”.

Geographical peculiarities

Well, the whole area of Thailand is about 513 thousand square kilometers. The capital of the country is a large and beautiful town called Bangkok, which has a population of 7 million people.
The most popular islands of the Kingdom are Phuket, Phi-Phi, Pattaya, Samui, Krabi. These islands are mostly popular for their tourism for people all over the world.
The east of the country is presented by the Khorat Plateau which is surrounded by a range of mountains. The heights of the mountains vary from 700 to 1000 meters.
The south border of the country is washed by the sea and the gulf, that is why there are more beaches and bays in this area of the Kingdom than in others.
The climate of the country is generally tropical. However we can distinguish several seasons: the monsoon, the season of warm and soft weather, as well as the season of hot and dry weather.

Religion of Thailand

Thailand is a country where deeply religious people, who practice Buddhism, live. Officially Buddhism was regarded as the religion of the country in the 13th century. Nowadays there are almost 300 000 monks and 30 000 monasteries on the territory of the Kingdom. To tell the truth the numbers are impressive.
All the main events of human life such as birth, wedding or funeral connect with religious ceremonies. What is more important that even in the poorest village there surely is a monastery, and a school in it, where local children can go to study. Most of these children learn how to read and write just at such monasteries, where they also comprehend the foundation of their religion.
Buddhist scriptures as well as any other sacred texts are rather complicated for perception. The easiest one for the people is considered to be Dhammapada, which means the foot of the eternal truth. Buddhists consider there are four noble truths exist for believers. First of all the man should understand and accept the fact that his thoughts have great impact on personality development.
Then he should pass three steps of human existing: flathead, wiseacre, and strictly speaking blessed. If all three levels are passed and complete understanding between soul and body is reached then the man will be able to be free over life and death, that means to come to Nirvana.

Economy of Thailand

Thailand presents an agro-industrial country. The majority of employable population is busy with olericulture and animal husbandry. Almost the whole territory of the country is used for breeding rice, sugarcane, jute, the choice of these crops is due to the climate peculiarities of the country.
Industry is located basically in Bangkok, here urban population work. People living in villages generally fish, breed rice, concentrate their forces on agriculture.
Mining is one more sphere of Thai economics. It’s not much developed but still perspective. Nowadays Thailand is a supplier of wolfram and tin to the global market. Besides, some gems are mined here, such as sapphires and rubies.

Political structure

Thailand is a country which polity is constitutional monarchy. The King has absolute rule. He is not only the lord, but also sacred leader. All the people love and esteem the King. He is like their father or brother.
Except The King, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet have some power. The royal power is inherited, it should be mentioned that during all the time the country has been under the power of one and the same family, Chakri.
The Prime Minister is appointed by The King, Members of the Cabinet – by the people. The power of the Prime Minister is limited to a maximum of two 4-year consecutive terms.
The National Assembly is the legislative branch of Thailand. It consists of two chambers: The Senate and the House of Representatives. There are usually 150 members of the Senate, and 480 – of the House of Representatives. Some of them are appointed by representatives of government branches, and some – by public selection.
Judicial power is concentrated in the hands of the Supreme Court, the members of which are appointed by The King.

Foreign Affairs

Nowadays Thailand plays a great role in various international organizations. Thailand has developed increasingly close ties with Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Singapore, Burma and Vietnam. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds meetings with representatives of other countries, that helps develop external political relations.

The country also takes an active part in international events. For example, when East Timor gained independence from Indonesia, Thailand, for the first time in its history, contributed troops to the international peacekeeping effort. Its troops remain there today as a part of UN peacekeeping force.

This country also cooperates with Russia. In 2003 Putin visited Thailand by the invitation of Thailand Prime Minister. As a result, a lot of key points were confirmed, that had positive impact on the politics of both countries.

Thailand has tense relationships with Cambodia, it connects with the fact that there is no clear borders between the countries. What made the relationships worse was the fact the Cambodia Counselor was a former Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra.